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IPMS Region 11

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S.E. 5a - Mick Mannock

Fokker Eindecker E.III
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Lohner B.II
Nieuport 11
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Nieuport 17 - Italian
Nieuport 17 - Charles Nungessor
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Sopwith Camel
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Nieuport 28 - Eddie Rickenbacher
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SPAD XIII Frank Luke
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SE-5a - Jimmy McCudden
S.E. 5a - Mick Mannock
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Hansa Brandenburg

Some in progress shots:

S.E. 5a - Mick Mannock
Modeler: Michael Stanley
Scale: 1/48
Manufacturer: Roden
Notes: Nice kit, but make sure you coat the decals first with some Microscale liquid decal film. The PC10 is Floquil's "Rail brown" and the CDL is Floquil's "Antique white". Rigging is .005 stainless wire "japaned" with a Sharpie. (Japaning is the WWI term for the black gloss lacquer that was applied to protect metals). Trust me, it takes a while to rig this puppy.

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