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8th Air Force pilot

Mongolian Raiding Party
1812 Fort gun emplacement
12 - 13 Century Crusader
101st Normandy Paratrooper
Covered wagon
Stage Coach
Marines at Tarawa
6th Army at Stalingrad
Band of Brothers - Bastogne
Banzai charge
Bazooka team
D Day - Omaha beach
German MG Nest
German mortar pit
German winter troops
Marine-Chosin Resavoir
Marine Recon-Vietnam
Marines - Korea
Navy SEALs-Modern1
Navy SEALs-Modern2
Navy SEAL-Vietnam 1
Navy SEAL-Vietnam 2
Panzer Lehr Div
Ramke Brigade
Russian Assault-Berlin
Scots grey calvary
Sturmmann-Ardennes 44
US Paratrooper
1/4 size Dive Helmet and Knife
Marines - Iraq
US WWII Mortar crew
US WWII Bazooka crew
US Anti-tank Team
Salt, Sand and Sun
2nd Fallschirmjaeger winter dress
US machine gun nest
US Airborne
Aurora Knights
Gundam Robot
US Marines - Iraq
2nd Infantry at Omaha Beach
High Elf Repeater bolt thrower
Knight of the Order of St. John
Mogadishu Mile
King Arthur
8th Air Force pilot
Split Time Diorama - Normandy
Pre Civil War equipment
Type 92 7.7mm Japanese MG
10 Pound Parrot Rifle
Water diorama
Roman Centurion
Figure Heads
Color Sargeant - Zulu war
Roman Legionary
French line Infantry
13" Mortar - 1862
Dug In
Russian Tanker
Fantasy Figure
German paratroopers on bridge
Misc Figures
Soviet tank crew
Vietnam era
Stug. III Commander
The war is over
What did you do in the war, daddy?
US Infantry
Rough Rider
Snow patrol
German with Panzerfaust
Telly Savalas
WWI Marine
Luftwaffe pilot
Tropical Commonwealth Soldier
WWI trench diorama
Allied assault on Monte Casino
Honda Humanoid Robot "P3"
32 lbs Carronade
Lt Corey, Bunker Hill 1775
Civil War telescope

Modeler: Ken Schmitt
Scale: 1/35
Manufacturer:  www.acesofiron.com

A local R/C buddy got a really nice pilot bust out of resin for one of his planes. He asked me to paint it for him. Well this is way over of my pay-grade, so I contacted Ken Schmitt, a WWI Modeling List buddy who does figures. The attached photos are the result.

I mention this is because the bust is by an outfit called Aces of Iron. http://www.acesofiron.com/ They put out a series of beautiful hollow, single piece resin pilot figures in several R/C scales. This figure is 1/3 scale and about 7" tall. Their site also has a wonderful tutorial on figure painting with oils. I thought this might be of interest to some members who may not stumble across what is basically an R/C site

An interesting side note is that it took Ken 6 months to finish the figure, Had he done it sooner, the model it was intended for ended up crashing in the bay at the Albert Whitted airshow recently.....


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