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In 2004 we sent models to the troops in Bosnia. Below are the Thank You's that they sent.




Club Display at Seminole Mall 9/14/06
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Model ships display at Manatee Civic Center 3/11/06 - 3/12/06

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Club member Mike Van Schoohaven volunteers every year to coordinate the visits to out area by the aircraft of the Collings Foundation. In February 2006 only the B-25 was able to show up due to engine problems with the B-17. Later in 2006 the Collings Foundation plans to be in our area with their B-17, B-24 and B-25

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We display our models at the annual Macdill Airfest airshow. This event usually brings out 300,000 - 500,000 people! Some of them even come to look at the full size aircraft and the Blue Angels or Thunderbirds. These photos are from the 2004 Airfest.




Member George Hecht and his 1:1 Jeep

Godzilla and Mothra dressed in Dutch uniforms about to decimate some "targets"


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